I need you to make the requested sketch on the part 2 of the exam

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The exam is in French because I do online school in French, that’s why I send you all the necessary information of the second part (I have already done the first one) translated into English to help you to do the graphic production requested. Anyway, I’m gonna attach the PDF with the test in French (forget the part 1, I have already done it). If there is a French geography teacher, it would be perfected and, in this case, he could therefore directly open the PDF and go to the part 2 of the exam. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter, I translated the documents in English here below.

Part 2 (I already did the part 1)

Graphique production (sketch drawing)

Subject : France: metropolization and its effects


– Complete the legend and the background map provide from documents 1 and 2

– Using your personal knowledge, add the information you consider relevant

Document 1 : accompagning text

Urban areas include all the municipalities formed by a central urban pole and a periphery, at least 40% of the population of which works in the rest of the urban area. The whole constitutes a metropolis, that is to say, an agglomeration of several hundreds of thousands of inhabitants which concentrates numerous facilities and high-level tertiary jobs making it possible to radiate and serve a region or a larger space. A metropolis is defined not only by its population but by the importance of its command activities. There is therefore a link between the number of inhabitants and urban functions.

In France, the urban areas are distributed around the perimeter of the territory, leaving the center of the country empty. The three main ones are Paris, Lyon and Marseille, the other arrivals far behind. The growth reveals two groupes of cities: those of the Atlantic coast, very dynamic; those of Eastern France with Paris, with are experiencing slower growth, except for the city of Lyon.

This sketch has to show the French urban framework in the context of globalization, so you have to designate all of the hierarchical cities and their areas of influence.

The spine rests on the Lille-Paris-Lyon Marseille axis and its extensions in various directions. These metropolises have to own significant transport networks which integrate them into a European or even global space as far as Paris is concerned. Therefore, the urban functions of command, research… have to be important. The cities of the West have to be a little apart and gradually attached to the Paris pole by secondary transport axes.

The construction of the legend, it has to respect all the details below.

The population must be represented in the form of 4 circles of size proportional to their expressed value. Paris has to be alone in the lead. Then come Lyon and Marseille (the two cities have to be together to not leave Lyon alone). The other groups take 0.9 million inhabitants as the interval limit. Note that the circles can be replaced by squares!

The variation rates have to be represented with warm colors. Note that the value 0% has to be assigned to a color to show that it is not an oversight. Indeed, if we leave the value associated with the color white, then there is a doubt and the information is hardly visible.”

Document 2 : Population in 2016 and annual rate of change of the population of large urban areas between 2011 and 2016 (the picture of the document is in the PDF)

Methodological reminders for the graphic production

Sketch constructions steps :

1. Build the legend as the same time as the sketch

2. Draw the circles centering them well on the location of the city

3. Add the other information necessary (name of seas or oceans…)

4. Don’t forget to name the cities

5. Don’t forget to give a title to the sketch



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