Idea Floated To Randomly Drug Test High School Athletes, Law Assignment Homework Help

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Review the article titled “Idea Floated To Randomly Drug Test High School Athletes” located here. Be prepared to discuss.

  • Review the article titled “Study Finds Random Drug Testing Doesn’t Deter High School Students’ Substance Use” located here. Be prepared to discuss.
  • From the first e-Activity, explain whether or not you believe it is fair for non-athletes to be exempt from random drug testing in schools. Justify your response.

    From the second e-Activity, describe the fundamental effects that a positive social climate exerts on substance abuse among students in school. Suggest at least two (2) ways, in additional to forming a positive social climate, that the society can help students avoid the use of drugs. Provide a rationale for your response.

    PART 2

    Respond to statement below: Response must include at least one question

    Yes I do believe kids who are non-athletes should be subject to a drug test, just because now a days kids are starting out early and our more involved with drugs. My little cousin is a Sophomore at my alma meter and was caught on drugs and trying to sell them at her school. So I definitely think we should be considered with whats going on in the campus as well as the sporting events. One key program that I know helped a lot of students and informed us while I was in school was D.A.R.E ( Drug Abuse Resistance Education). This was a class we all had to take and it definitely showed us what drugs to look out for and what to do when approached by someone who was using. I believe the parents should be more involved with what goes on in the school whether its with doing fund raiser or at the PTA meetings making kids aware of and showing they care about them, because in the text of the article children are more prone to do drugs if there not in a caring and supportive environment.

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