Ideas for podcasts

In this assignment you will apply the developmental research methods that you’ve learned to analyzing media about science. You may complete this assignment twice for different pieces of media and different research for a total of +10 points.


1. Pick a news article or podcast that talks about a developmental psychology research finding. It should cover an actual empirical study and discuss the findings. Make sure that it was published in last 10 years.

a. Ideas for podcasts: Hidden Brain, Invisibilia, NeuroCurious, All in the Mind, etc.

b. Ideas for news sources: NPR (education section), Atlantic (science section), Science Daily, The Conversation, Psychology Today, Huffpost (Child Development), NY Times (Psychology section), Buzzfeed news

2. Find the original research study that is being reported on. This may be a link in a news story or in a podcast you may be able to Google the scientist interviewed to find out more.

3. Under the heading “Summary,” write a brief summary of the research covered. Make sure to include the research question, hypothesis, method, and results.

4. Under the heading “Analysis,” compare the original research to how it was reported in the media. What parts were accurate/inaccurate? How was it made more interesting or approachable in the media? What parts of the media story did you personally like or dislike? Do you think there is a better way to report the scientific findings?

5. Include links to both the media and the original research article.

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