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This paper should be approximately four pages long (typed and double-spaced). It should be 3-4 pages long (double-spaced; 12-point font).Concentrate on creating a real argument, not just listing observations about the works (I should be able to disagree with your paper, while still thinking it’s good work; imagine you are arguing against someone holding the opposite opinion).

What to write on: RURAL LIFE.

Several of the authors we have read (e.g. Defoe, Goldsmith, Duck, Gray, etc.) have focused on rural, natural, or non-urban life. Choose two authors who take different positions on rural/natural life (i.e. one who celebrates it, another who criticizes it, etc.). Which author makes the most convincing case? Choose one passage in particular as particularly convincing and one as unconvincing and analyze them carefully. You must end your opening paragraph with a question, and then answer that question in your conclusion.

Keep things formal and logical. Connect your ideas. And proofread.

Use this thesis statement: “How does Goldsmith’s technique of blaming the rich for the harsh conditions of rural life explain the idea of rural life better than Duck?

Please use these works for the paper:

The Deserted Village – by Oliver Goldsmith

here is the link to this poem:…

The Thresher’s Labour- by Stephen Duck

here is the link to this poem:…

Also use the attached notes for the paper.

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