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“The purpose of a proposal,” as our textbook indicates, is to present your ideas and plans for your readers to consider” (196). Considering the issue/opportunity that you identified in Module 8, what are 3-5 takeaways from Chapter 8 that are most useful for you to better understand how to write a proposal? In other words, what will you need to consider from this chapter as you complete the proposal project? As you respond, pull in parts from the chapter to help illustrate/support your response. (book: file:///C:/Users/imac/Desktop/RPW300.pdf) You should read the book first.

Considering the issue/opportunity that I identified in Module 8:

The main social issue I would like to deal with is corruption. Corruption has been a graft issue in the community, yet a combined community effort can eliminate it. There are many cases worldwide where leaders and professional grab funds supposed to complete important tasks and use it for selfish interests. The issue increases the gap between the rich and the poor, leaving some members of the community rotting in poverty. It is directly related to my career objectives as a financial analyst. Financial practitioners should be transparent. Through transparency, every stakeholder, from the customer, to the employee, employer and shareholder are served justly. The issue extends, not only to businesses, but also to other ventures such as the government and non-profitable organizations. The people who grab funds, public and private, have the support of corrupt financial officers. The officers take role in designing the criminal activities and keeping evidence through their financial intelligence. The main stakeholders for the issue include the community, business owners and shareholders, buyers of products and services, as well as the government and private sector workers. Getting information on how the theft is done is an issue of concern, since the grabbers keep their strategies secretive. However, failure to develop the topic sufficiently might make me decide on another issue.

you can imitate my friend:

After reading chapter 8, I learned proposals can be internal or external and solicited or unsolicited. And an important first step is to start with planning and researching phase. During this phase, we should define the rhetorical situation (subject, purpose, readers, and context of use) and start collecting content for the proposal. As our book mentioned when planning the proposal, we should start out by defining the Five-W and How Question, such as “Who will be able to say yes to my ideas, and what are their characteristics?” and “why is this proposal being written?” etc. I also learned proposals usually include five sections: (1) introduction, (2) current situation, (3) project plan, (4) qualifications, and (5) costs and benefits. Otherwise, we can use a logical map to help us research our subject from a variety of directions. And when searching the background of a proposal, collect as much information as possible. In addition, when organizing and drafting the proposal, each major section should be written separately with an opening, a body, and a closing. The opening states the solution and offers some objectives, the body walks the readers through the plan’s steps. The closing identifies the major deliverables of the plan. Also, proposal should use a combination of plain and persuasive styles to motivate reader. Finally, design is absolutely essential in professional proposals, so we should look for places where page layout, graphics, and multimedia will improve the readability of our proposal. I think when we write our proposal, these parts are very important.

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