In 3 pages , answer one of the following (being sure to include references to and short quotations from the readings).

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  1. Present in detail Descartes’ reasons for doubting the truth of all he believes on the basis of sense-experience and how he attempts to overcome his initial doubts.Explain whether he succeeds in defeating the philosophical skeptic.
  2. Compare and contrast Descartes and Locke on the nature of general ideas (the idea of some kind of thing, F, such as of a chiliagon, bachelor or dog), being sure to present in detail Descartes (and others) arguments for why to have such general ideas is not the same as to sensibly observe some sensibly apparent mental image of a F.
  3. Present and critically evaluate Locke’s account of how the mind acquires all its ideas from sensory experience, being sure to discuss his views on the nature of simple and complex ideas, general and particular ideas, and ideas of relations.
  4. Present and critically evaluate Locke’s account of the nature of substance and especially of primary and secondary qualities.
  5. Present and critically evaluate Hume’s account of causation, being sure to explain why he takes statements about what causes what to concern matters of fact, not relations of ideas, what the evidence is for whether A’s cause B’s, why we can never know that A’s cause B’s, and why there is no such thing as a ‘necessary connection’ between cause and effect or of a causal ‘power.’
  6. Present and critically evaluate Hume’s case for why there are no such things as ‘substances,’ whether ‘selves’ or mental substances’ or ‘bodies’ or ‘material substances.’

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