in what ways did the roles and status of women in the early american colonies reflect english assumptions about women

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  1. In what ways did the roles and status of women in the early American colonies reflect English assumptions about women? In what ways, if at all, did the circumstances of the early colonies challenge or amend these assumptions?
  2. In what ways were Native American gender roles similar to colonial American gender roles, and in what ways were they different? In what ways did Mary Rowlandson and Weetamoo reflect or challenge these gender roles?
  3. How did the ideals of the Enlightenment and the American Revolution contribute to a redefinition of women’s roles in American society? What role did American women play in the Revolution, and why?
  4. According to Mary Wollstonecraft, why were women entitled to the same rights as men? Did her argument suggest that all women should participate in society and politics the same as men? Does anything about her argument surprise you?
  5. What was Republican Motherhood? In your view, did Republican Motherhood substantially change American society’s understanding of women’s social roles? Or was mainly a relabeling of women’s traditional duties? What led you to your conclusion?
  6. Which of the letters between Abigail Adams and John Adams did you read? What topics interested them? Did anything about them surprise you?

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