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Prompt: For this assignment, you will attend a meeting, take detailed notes, and write meeting minutes in the form of an informal report. You may attend any kind of officially organized meeting, whether it be a work meeting at a job you work, a meeting that takes place on campus, a municipal government meeting that is open to the public such as a City Council, Parks and Recreation, or Public Library Board meeting. Please refer to pages 481 of your textbook for some guidelines about meeting minutes, and you can also refer to chapter 5 of the textbook, where meetings and workplace collaboration is covered.

If you absolutely cannot find a meeting to physically attend, then you can watch a video of a local Richland municipal government meeting on the City Council website: (copy and paste the URL into your browser). In your minutes, make sure to include the time, date, location, participants, agenda, votes, resolutions, questions asked, and any other aspect of the meeting that was discussed. If you write minutes for a work meeting, please make sure to avoid sharing any kind of confidential, private, or sensitive information in your assignment.

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