Initial Reaction to Intervention

Capella University

Heather Lacharite

December 4, 2017



















Initial Reaction to Intervention

My first reaction to the intervention was the question, “what did they do when/if the child spits out the food?” I understood where the author was coming from with the intervention and I understood the procedure, however, the intervention comes across as a little more aversive and intrusive than I would imagine how interventions are done


Possible Undesired Side Effects

-Address undesired side effects

Examples: Food becomes aversive, poor relationship with therapists or anyone that implements procedure, other new behaviors emerge such as aggression, additional food selectivity.

Ethical Codes

-Violation to ethical codes (Clients right to effective treatment)

Potential Benefits and Right to Effective Treatment

-Benefits and the rights to effective treatment (informed reaction)

Evaluation of your personal reaction

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