Interior design presentation

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need to present this PowerPoint as if I was presenting it to a client. Here is what I have of the clients information – please provide as much detail/links in PowerPoint

Client Name: Susy Jones

Age: 47

Client Family Information: Husband, three small children, all boys, two pets, a dog and a cat, pets live on furniture

Career: Works from home, runs a party decor business

ROOM: Office Transformation: Current Guest Room wishes to convert to office space

Issues / Wish List: Storage, Displays, Wants her supplies to be organized and have a spot be hidden so it’s not visually distracting as she works with so many themes. Space must also function as space where household files for each of her boys can be stored. Susy would like pretty items displayed on open bookshelves

Room Dimensions: 15 x 11

Needs: Clean Work Surface for crafting, clean work surface to do computer work, paying household bills. Wants a reading chair, needs a client chair to host meetings, needs a comfortable task chair to sit in for crafting. Susy would like to incorporate drapery on windows.

Style: Transitional – Tends to bend towards having a touch of glam, no clutter, clean

Metal Finishes she likes: Brushed nickel and Gold

Colors She loves: warm whites, warm neutrals, feminine colors pastels, rose, lavender, soft yellow

Colors she does not care for: Deep Red, intense blues, serious greens

Budget: $10,000.00

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