internet of things iot in irrigation in oman

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Internet Of things (IOT) in Irrigation in Oman

1-Overview of project case / business case in IOT in irrigation. (1 page)

2- Problem definition (Describe the problem of irrigation and why need to use IOT and Project Scope of using IOT in irrigation. (2 pages)

3- Goal of the project in Internet of Things in irrigation. (1 page)


4-Finding the expected challenges of perform Internet of Things in the irrigation(5 pages).

5-identified the challenge and the problem face in implementing the IOT in the irrigation (5 pages).

6- Recommendations for the use of appropriate equipment for the establishment of Internet of Things. (5 pages).

7- Define the structure of challenges to use the Internet of Things in irrigation. (5 pages).

8- References and citation is required with HARVARD stile and use easy language, Also 0% similarity.

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