Interview an international businessman and write about it

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You will interview one person with first-hand involvement in international business (such as importing, exporting, foreign direct investment, working with foreign personnel, etc.) and find out the difficulties and challenges they face or have encountered. As long as s/he has experience in dealing with international business issues, the interviewee may be a family member, relative, friend, or acquaintance. In a paper, you will 1) include a brief description of your interview, 2) summarize findings from the interview and identify the challenging issues related to international business, 3) incorporate real-life examples pertaining to the issues discussed. This task not only acquaints you with challenges and practices in international business but will also enable me to customize material for your learning needs.

PLEASE make it look like I interviewed someone and speak as me. Do not pick someone famous.

Must be 2 pages single spaced

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