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Project 2 Invention Work: Community Identity Freewriting

One of the first crucial decisions you’ve have to make as you begin Project 2 is locate a static, physical advertisement located in your community. Before you do this selection, it is helpful to first think about the community you find yourself in as you take this class. Perhaps you’re on a college campus, located within a larger city. Perhaps you’re on a military base outside a small town in North Dakota. Perhaps you live in a loft in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. Perhaps you’re in a farming village in rural Illinois. Wherever you are, the notion of “community” is complicated: there are likely many sub-groups, or smaller communities, within the larger community. For example, one might take pride in being a member of “The City” (San Francisco), while also identifying with the “hippie” culture of Haight-Ashbury. That same person might also identify with the gay community within Haight-Ashbury. And the theatre community there as well. And the “foodie” community there as well. And so on.

So: there are multiple communities within communities, sub-groups within groups, in our “local” community. Your job for this freewriting invention activity is to identify as many community identities as you can where you’re at. Please follow these steps:

  • First, identify and list as many different sub-communities or sub-groups as you can in the larger community where you’re living (wherever you’re taking this class from) that you consider yourself to be a part of.
  • Second, identify and list as many different sub-communities or sub-groups in your community that you don’t consider yourself to be a part of.
  • Third, freewrite for 15 minutes as you compare these lists, thinking specifically in terms of how advertisements might target these groups differently. What values do the groups you consider yourself a part of have in common? How are the values of the groups you identify with different from the values of the groups you don’t identify with? “Freewriting” means writing without stopping, just getting the ideas out onto the screen (or page). Don’t worry about perfect spelling or perfect sentences. Just get your critical thinking on this topic out of your head.

The goal of this Assignment: once you’ve generated these lists and the subsequent freewriting, you’ll be better prepared to go out into your community and “see” the advertisements you find there in a more critical way with an eye toward our Project 2.

While all the Habits of Mind are involved in all work for this course, this freewrite privileges Curiosity, Openness, Creativity, and Metacognition as you try to “see” the groups present in the community in which you find yourself.

Please submit (either attached as a Word-accessible document or pasted into the submission text box of the Assignment) your lists, and freewritten paragraph(s).

The deadline for this Assignment is 6/1.

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