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Response Paper questions: 1) Is the term “Jihadism” a meaningful signifier of a particular stream of Islamism? How have al-Qaeda and DAESH (ISIS) evolved ideologically since their inception? How has globalism helped the new global current of Jihadism? Why are Muslim populations in Central Asia increasingly turning to militant Islam in their efforts to challenge authoritarian rule?

Response Papers (25%) 4-5 pages long. These are short essays written in response to a specific discussion question in the syllabus. Though they are short, these essays must have a clearly articulated empirical thesis (i.e., argument) and cite the assigned readings to support this contention. No outside research is necessary.

Guidelines for Response papers, which should be 4-5 pages long (double-spaced). They should do the following:

a) Highlight the most significant arguments of the author(s) and

b) Discuss/analyze them in an informed manner, i.e., informed by other readings, lecture discussions, and your own insights. You should go beyond descriptive accounts in your writing and should demonstrate analytical rigor (analyze analyze!)

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