A minimum of 100 words each and References Response (#1 – 6) KEEP RESPONSE WITH ANSWER EACH ANSWER NEED TO HAVE A SCHOLARY SOURCE with a Hyperlink

Make sure the Responses includes the Following: (a) an understanding of the weekly content as supported by a scholarly resource, (b) the provision of a probing question. (c) stay on topic



1. Review professional peer-reviewed journals and select one where you could hypothetically submit your research if you carried out your study. Briefly explain processes and procedures that need to be followed for publication in the journal you selected. Include the name of the journal and a link to the publication information.

Researching professional peer-reviewed journals resulted in a list of journals associated with Early Childhood, however; I settled on one that I felt would be the best fit. Journal of Early Childhood Research, is the best fit for the type of study that is being proposed, because is encompases research about Early Childhood from multiple disciplines, for example; social work, sociology, psychology, philosophy child health, and teaching. THis journal is also read by lawmakers and physicians that focus on children ages birth to 8, making it the best fit for the proposed study. The process to get the study published in this journal is to follow the 7 step process, within each step there are more difinitive steps that need to be followed. The steps are as follows; what do we publish, editorial policies, publishing policies, preparing manuscript, submitting manuscript and acceptance or denial of submission. There is an additional process for peer reviewed called ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) to safe guard the researcher and their research from other researchers. This gives each researcher their own unique identification number.


2. I could hypothetically submit my research on Parental Substance Abuse to the journal “Parental drug Use, early Adversities, later childhood problems and children’s use of tobacco and alcohol at age 10” (Macleod,, 2008). This peer-reviewed journal addresses alcohol use and risk factors related to it. My research will follow families over the course of ten years and this review also follows families. The procedures that need to be followed for publication in this journal are Submission of paper, correct illustrations, revise/edit paper, proofread, collate corrections, and publish.

A peer-reviewed article evaluates the work of one or more people that have similar competencies as the producers of the work. It is needed to help maintain quality standards while improving performance and providing credibility.

3.  The journal that I would like to have submitted to and have review my proposal of research is called, “A comparison study of the turnaround time for telepsychiatry versus face-to-face consultations in general hospital nonpsychiatric emergency rooms.” Brenner, et. al., depicts the description of what my proposal stands for and how it overall is tested in the emergency setting. I believe this study would be a great example for how the study should be constructed. In this study like mine there are two groups observed.( Brenner, et. al., 2020) One group reviewed with those patients having to wait for face-to face evaluation and be assessed by a psychiatrist. The second group utilizes the telespychiatry resource and evaluates the benefits of immediate assessment and intervention. While this study only evaluates over a month period my proposal is to evaluate over a three month period to also assess for repeated patients coming back to be re-evaluated and treated. The methods in the study are very closely matched in the use of retrospective observation, two grouped comparison and having it be a non biased random sampling.(Brenner, et. al., 2020) Over all the need for proper consent, evaluation of all safety precautions must take place. Thank you!


4. Joining a professional association is a win-win situation for students because while they are networking with professionals, they are being praised for taking the initiative to learn more about their field of interest. If students haven’t already picked up that credibility and trustworthiness are essential as a practitioner in a field, they will after joining a professional association. It’s vital to understand these codes in order to know what is considered best practice and what is accepted in the industry. Students can attend conferences at a discounted rate and hear from keynote speakers in the industry. When students go for an interview, they can impress the employer by knowing all the trends in the field that they learned from the conference.



5. In thinking about mentors, internships, and volunteer opportunities, have you ever been a mentor to someone else? What was that experience like? How does giving back to others impact your own growth and development?


6. As we think about writing a resume, consider how joining professional development organizations can strengthen your resume and presentation of your skills?

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