key concepts of the of autism , heritability, epigenitcs are related ,neuronatomical pathways

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Write a substantial and thorough paragraphs explaining key concepts of the of autism how its considered a high degree of heritability and how epigenitcs are related and the abnormalities of the neuronatomical pathways and neurophysiological function believed to cause this disorder

250 words for each concept

APA format

In text citation

Some sources to go from and more if can be found

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Conturo, T. E., WillIams, D. L., Smith, C. D., Gultepe, E., Akbudak, E., & Minshew, N. J. (2008, November). Neuronal fiber pathway abnormalities in autism: An initial MRI diffusion tensor tracking study of hippocampo-fusiform and amygdalo-fusiform pathways. Retrieved September 27, 2017, from

Williams, D., & Happé, F. (2010). Representing intentions in self and other: studies of autism and typical development. Developmental Science, 13(2), 307-319.

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