Learning Behavior Modification Essay-APA 2500 words

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The focus of your essay should then be a review of the behaviour-theory related literature that addresses one of the themes listed under that topic followed by presentation of a relevant, behaviourally focused, peer-reviewed journal article.

1. Skill development

a. increasing proficiency in a sport or skilled activity (e.g., dancing, basketball, golf, singing etc) OR

b. increasing compliance (e.g., driving related behaviours [seatbelt wearing/speed limits/stop signs]; safety measures in workplace/community; socially desirable behaviours)

The essay is to be 2500 words long. Essays that are more than 10% over or under this will result in an inability to earn full marks related to these criteria. Please put the final word count of your essay on the cover page. Word count includes in-text references and quotes but excludes the Title, Abstract and Reference list.


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