Legal and Information Systems in Business

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Analyze the legal environment at Kohls Department stores.

Analyze the legal and risk management process of your chosen company. Then, using the Internet for additional resources, determine product liability as it relates to your chosen company’s industry.

Summarize the organization’s potential legal issues that management will need to be aware of.

Recommend needed systems.

Completea 1- to 2-page paper, including a list of potential legal issues and how to address them.

Discuss the definition of product liability and how it relates to your chosen company and its respective industry.

Include a sample case of product liability. Also, include potential strategies to assist in avoidance of such lawsuits.

Research compliance database tools, such as LexisNexis®, and discuss how deploying such tools could assist in avoidance/risk mitigation strategies.

Prepare the paper as if you were the company’s IT director recommending solutions to the CEO

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