Legal aspects of Emergency Management regarding Pressidential and State use of National Guard Forces in Homeland

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Term Paper on Legal considerations on Emergency Management

My intent is to discuss, in this case, when the President declares a state of emergency on the border to control immigration and calls for the National Guard but there are some states refusing to send their troops. In this case who is correct; the Governor or the President? What will this refusal set for future State or National Emergencies?

Earning a MS degree requires you to master the literature; this assignment is intended to familiarize you with Emergency Management Theory and its literature. Thus, when completing this assignment you are required to research the literature and complete a traditional term paper. For this course, the overall theme of the term paper will be your assessment of the history, present status, and future of some aspect of emergency and disaster management law that is significant to today’s world and that interests you. You can choose to present a case study like the ones in the textbook, presenting the program with your analysis and predictions. You may support the law, policy, or regulation you choose, or disapprove of it, but you must give your logic and evidence to support your conclusion.

There is no required length for this paper, but I expect the paper to be complete. Typically, a term paper in this course will have 18-20 double-spaced pages in the body of its text not counting the title page and References page(s). You must include at least 10 sources in addition to sources in the assigned reading.(Hunter, THE LAW OF EMERGENCIES)

The term paper will be graded by the provided rubric located in the assignment section of your assignments section (See: term paper assignment for details attached)

Your term paper must be formatted in conformance to APA Style (Sixth Edition).

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