Live like a sociologist to make a change

Observation: class inequality in the United States


My observation is that people are trying to change this in our government, protestors, homeless shelters, etc. This is important because more people are in the lower class than any other, and it needs to change. The division of the classes widens making the lower class have little resources and the class is growing. This is making the upper class become the 1%. This has been happening since the early 1900’s in the United States, more specifically during and after the great depression.


The lower class are struggling with finding good paying jobs, getting a proper education, and not falling into bad habits. People become stuck in poverty continuing the cycle of the poor becoming poorer, and the rich becoming richer.


Impoverished people are forced to feel like if they worked harder they would be able to get out of poverty. But there are banks, advertisements, and jobs that are against them. Our society portrays the poor as pathetic a lot of times.


There are soup kitchens, incentivized programs to help the poor. The government created options like Welfare, Medicaid, SSI, and many more. Even with the government trying to stop it, big business takes over and the government only has so much reach.


The sociological theory that fits is the Marxist theory. That theory focuses on class structure, and the proletariats (lower class) rising up against the bourgeoisie (upper class). I think this theory works because the lower class are doing the hard labor jobs while the upper class are not. If you are a part of the lower class, society makes you feel bad, status matters. The pariah group (lower class) are getting all the negative effects of the great depression, the recession, and ongoing poverty. If this keeps happening this theory says the lower class will rise up. This has not happened yet, but we should stop taking the lower class for granted because it still could potentially.



My research /observational topic is: Live like a sociologist to make a change

So far, I have done a lot of research on discrimination. In fact, there are places in Shanghai where people can’t be treated equally!

First of all, I come from Shanghai, Shanghai people will discriminate against each other before, for example, I live in a place where the house price is a little more expensive than your place, I will look down on it! If an outsider comes to Shanghai, even if he is rich, he will still be discriminated against. When a Shanghainese quarrels with a person who comes from another city, you will hear a word from Shanghainese that is outsider (外地人). I heard that my classmate couldn’t be a leader in a factory in Shanghai because he was not from Shanghai.

Second, I hope to establish an anti-discrimination organization. Of course, this organization needs relevant laws to define what kind of behavior belongs to discrimination, and what consequences it will have if it is discriminated against! Also, they need to have law enforcement power! I hope this organization can protect more people who are not from Shanghai, who come to Shanghai to travel, work, or study. I think this organization can set up an organization in each community. It’s better for people in this organization to be between 40 and 50 years old people, because I think people at this age have some experience from society, and maybe they can judge the right and wrong of a matter more fairly. Next, since the criteria for discrimination may vary from person to person, I think that to judge whether there is discrimination, a meeting should be held and both parties concerned should be given a chance to dispute. Finally, the members of this committee will follow the rule of law to vote to decide whether the relevant incident is discriminatory. Then make mediation, or punishment, and so on. If no one comes to report discrimination or other problems, the organization can go to the streets spontaneously to patrol and pay attention to whether there are discriminative words in some other people’s words.         Finally, Although this organization can not completely eliminate discrimination, at least it is managed by an organization, such as women’s and children’s protection organization. Although it does not completely eliminate these phenomena; like, women or children are abused, but it is at least better than in the past! In addition, at least some capable people can become leaders, instead of working at the bottom because you are not from Shanghai. People with ability should be on the top, not because I am from Shanghai, so I can be a manager. This can also improve the ability to work to some extent. I think this organization can also deter some bad words on a certain basis. This organization can better restrain the behavior of discrimination and the words of discrimination. In fact, Shanghainese insult the people who come from other cities are outsiders has become an oral word!       To sum up, society should be equal, free, civilized, and harmonious. Sometimes, it is better to have an organization to manage this problem than not to do it! It’s really hard for me to find an organization to manage discrimination, and discrimination is really hard to convict!

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