make the changes that listed below on this paper

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Alright! I like it! Take a look at the minor changes/additions/revisions I’ve noted below…and use them to do your revision paper…ok? Thanks pg 3 in paragraph beginning with “According to a survey…” I have questions… -which “not less than three courts in the United States” are you referring to? -what does “(Joh, 2017) say about the use of “artificial intelligence in policing?” pg 4 top paragraph…. “From an ethical standpoint….” what different “approaches” do leaders deal with liars? -this paragraph uses three different sources…I might suggest you break the paragraph into three paragraphs one for each source showing how different aspects of technology are influencing various social institutions in dealing with the problem of lying… bottom of pg 4 “Therefore, despite the fact that the artificial intelligence is not perfect, it influences various social facets in human integration (Osoba & Welser IV, 2017).” -I don’t know what you mean? Could you briefly summarize Osoba and Welsers argument/key ideas and relate them to your discussion more clearly? top of pg 5 Ok….I think this is a really important part of your essay-because it gets to the heart of the limitations of an Artificial Intelligence to actually tell the difference between judging whether a person is actively trying to conceal some truth or knowledge they know to be true- versus some kind of future version of an intelligence that could judge that a person may have a false belief because they just don’t know the difference between the truth and a falsehood… So-you should work on this paragraph to make it a little clearer… “According to the epistemology, know is basically true belief of something. I” -really difficult to understand this sentence… Do you mean to say that “epistemology is the study of how and what can be known, that clearly when someone has a belief, perhaps they believe some event or fact to be true that they could be said to “know” this happened or that thing is true. So the problem of lying becomes associated with the problem of discovering whether someone knows something is untrue or they don’t even know something but believe it is true or choose to be lieve it is true-and then it is especially difficult to say whether that person is lying or they just don’t know! The AI intelligence can only at this point in time make a distinction between a person who knows something is not true or is making a voluntary effort to not reveal what they know to be true. Conclusions- So based on some of the changes above, I think you could add some important issues about whether it is really ethical to hand over to machines the judgment of what is true and what is false…if they are only able to tell the difference when someone is actively trying to obscure or hide the truth-and the physiological markers that reveal these human reactions…how will they be able to judge whether someone reports something as true/false if they just don’t know any better?

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