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Only help me do section 4

Introduction: The purpose of this project is to get a basic understanding of how a casino operates. Obviously a casino operation takes at least a year of development. The goal here is to keep it simple and to get a grasp of the logic that goes into developing a casino. Much of this project involves submitting floor plans. This can either be done through technology available that allows you to create a file or by neatly doing this manually and scanning the image.

Section 1 – Casino Design

Due Date: _______________

In this section you will develop the preliminary plans for your proposed hotel / casino. This section will include:

  • Size
  • Theme
  • Location
  • Target Markets
  • Demographics
  • Square footage

Include as much detailed information as you can. Include proper MLA research formatting and reasoning for your decisions.

Section 2 – Organizational Structure

Due Date: _______________

  • Outline of the all the departments involved in the casino operation
  • Organizational Chart
    • Identify the positions required for your casino
  • Develop Job Descriptions for
    • Casino Manager, Pit Manager, Table Supervisor, Slot Department manager……….

Section 3 – Table Game Operations

Due Date: _______________

  • Identify the table games that will be used in your casino (Type and quantity)
  • Create a floor plan showing the positions of all table games (include table game number with each)
  • Provide the rational for your selection.

Section 4 – Slot and Video Lottery Table Operations

Due Date: _______________

  • Identify the types of machines that will be included on your property (Type and denomination)
  • Utilizing your table game floor plan include the positions of your slot machines
  • Illustrate the flow and motion
  • Rational

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