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This paper is based on the project I designed for Aqua Joggers Company: aquatic bikes and pool mills.

Detailed writing instruction:

Media Plan Assignment Instructions:

For this assignment, you will be putting together a miniature media plan for your client. You will start off by researching your target market’s media consumption habits. Next, you will take a look at the your product and where it is in its life cycle and then decide which media would be best to reach your target audience. Finally, you will put the plan together and explain why this plan will be the best one for the client.

**We are not going to take budget into account for this assignment, even though if you were creating a media plan for a client, budget would be a major factor.

Step 1: Research the Target Audience’s Media Consumption Habits

Your first step in the media planning process is to research the target market and understand what media they use. Remember that even if you have the greatest creative ad, if the target market doesn’t see it, then it won’t matter.

If you were a media buyer at an agency, you would have access to information with demographic data on actual programs and platforms. We don’t have that specific information, but I still want for you to get in the habit of researching target market media usage info.

Conduct some searches online for any type of information that you can find about the target market’s media viewing habits (including social media channels). Try to find what type of media they view the most. You probably won’t be able to find exact information for your target market, but try to look and see if you can find information for age or income level. For example, if your target market was woman who are 25-34 who live active lifestyles, you could research to see what media was most popular among women who are 25-34.

Below are some links to help get you started in your research process:

Now that you have looked at media consumption habits, make a note of the media vehicles (for example, television, Facebook, newspaper) that seem to be most popular among the target market.

Step 2: Product’s Goals and Life Cycle:

Now, take a look back at your product. Where is it in the product life style stage?

Is this a brand new product idea that no other companies have produced before? If so, it will be brand new to the public and you will want to follow a certain type of promotional campaign that is good for introducing a product for the first time.

If this is a product idea that other companies currently sell, then you will follow a different schedule because it is not in the introductory phase, so you will want to think of other types of media that would make the most sense.

Step 3: Combine the Best Media

The next step is deciding which media you think would be best for the client. Look over the information again that you found in Step 1 and Step 2. Given the information that you found in Step 1 and Step 2, decide which top three media you would recommend for the client. Are there three media vehicles that the target market uses that also will fit with where the client is in the product life cycle? There is no wrong or right answer here, but you must choose what you believe will be the most beneficial for the client.

Write the Plan:

It is now time to write your plan. You will want to answer the following questions in a business format. You do not need to write in an official APA style, but please use citations and references if you are using research to back up your points and claims.

Part 1:

What does your research/audit say about the target audience’s media consumption behavior?

Here, describe the information that you found in Step 1. What were the most popular media for the target market? What wasn’t as popular? Also add any interesting insight that you found during your research.

Part 2:

A. Which platforms are you recommending? How do these work?

Describe the three platforms that you are recommending. Describe how they work especially if they are social media or a newer technology. Would the client need to create a commercial or do they need to create a print ad for the media vehicle? Is there anything else that they should keep in mind?

B. Why would this work?

What is it about these platforms that will work for the client? Use the information that you found during your research to back up your claims and to make arguments for your recommendations.

What are the positive and negative elements associated with each medium? Why do you think the benefits will help the client?

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using each type of media. No type of media will ever be perfect for the client, but you will find that some media vehicle’s advantages will far outweigh the disadvantages for some campaigns. After describing the advantages and disadvantages, highlight how the advantages will clearly benefit the client.

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