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Week 9 Online Chapt 11 Extension

After reading chapter 11, read below. Note that there will be two different Assignment folders for the work this week. You will see why in a minute.

  • Videos about Memory
  • How did you do on the selective attention test?
  • Why do you think some individuals “pass” this test and some do not?
  • What implications might this phenomenon have for students with impaired abilities related to attention?
  • What caused the mice to regain lost memories?
  • What do researchers hypothesize might be happening in the mice (mouse’s?, mice’s) brains to cause this to happen?
  • How should/could educators apply information from this video to working with students with disabilities who often have impaired memory abilities?
  • Watch this video about memory: (you made need to copy and paste the link into a new browser window). Watch the video from where it begins (17:08) to 28:00.
  • Read this article (you may need to copy and paste the link into a new browser window).
  • Using the article and the information from chapters 11 and 12, contemplate the content area and grade level for which you are training or currently teach. Create two original and different memory strategies related to the grade level/content you will be working with that you could employ to help struggling learners. For example, you might create one pegword strategy and one mnemonic strategy. You can either create them in Word, etc., or you can draw them and scan them in as an attachment. These must be original work that you created not ones you found elsewhere.

Post your answers to questions 1-6 as a doc or docx document to Assignment/Memory Video. Point value: 10

B. Memory Strategies

Post your memory strategies to D2L/Assignment/Memory Strategies

Point Value: 10 points

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