MGT questions

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1. summarize the news first and then write several knowledge points that related to the PPT.…

2. Read the mini-case “The Imperial CEO, JP Morgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon” on P.335 in the text. Answer the following questions in a single Word document.

a. What is CEO duality? What potential problems does it have on a firm’s corporate governance?

b. Evaluate the governance systems of JP Morgan Chase. How well does it protect shareholders’ interests?

c. Should the board get rid of CEO duality? Why or why not? What hindered the shareholder activists’ efforts to separate the two positions?

3. Read the attached case and watch this YouTube video (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., then answer the following questions.

a. What did Dennis Kozlowski do to his former company Tyco that can be characterized as agency problems or managerial opportunism?

b. Why do you think he engaged in such behavior? What motivated him to take such risks?

video link:

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