model consists of three domains

DQ: #4

DQ Assignment #4

Question: Review Chapter 12. Evaluate the various Donabedian Quality Improvement Framework models. This framework model consists of three domains in which health care quality can be examined: structure, process and outcomes. Which domain do you believe the most and least significant? What other domain would you add to this framework model?

Your discussion should contain well-developed ideas and insight, and clearly addresses key issues, problems and questions. Lastly, ensure that it is free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling – it must meet proper format and meets citation/reference requirements.

-Minimum 550 words in length (not counting work cited/references).

-APA format with minimum of 3 secondary references and in-text citations.

Reference/work cited in proper APA format.

Attached below are documents that can be used for further clarification/reference.

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