Module 06 Discussion – Global Crisis (reply post )

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For your reply post, discuss an alternative viewpoint on the factor (cultural, social, ethical, or legal) that would be most important when responding to the international crisis described by your classmate. Explain your answer.

just reply to this post

For my crisis, I had chosen the Nike-Kaepernick ordeal that happened not too long ago. For this, I do not think to be only in the U.S. or globally would make too much of a difference, except the fact that it would hurt Nike’s reputation on a broader scale. Fortunately, football being an American sport, people outside the U.S. probably would not have much of an opinion, because of the fact that Colin had kneeled during the American National Anthem. American’s were more upset about that fact versus knowing what he was trying to speak up about. People on a global factor, however, could relate to the fact that he was trying to speak out against police brutality against African Amercians instead of the fact that he was kneeling during another country’s national anthem.

This is definitely more of a social factor. Nike had chosen Kaepernick for their Just Do It Anniversary campaign people they wanted to show that they supported all athletes no matter what they stood for or believed in, and those who were unhappy about his actions were upset that Nike had partnered with him for their ad. Nike’s reputation was all over the place, seeming more bad than good in the beginning until people realized why the whole thing was put into place. It’s hard to go against the majority of opinion and be accepted right away for it. Nike may or may not have been able to predict the consequences of choosing Kaepernick for their ad, and at first, it seemed more like a bad decision as their stocks almost immediately plummetted, but shortly after, Nike’s sales had exceeded.

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