Need an research paper on cave lions. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on cave lions. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Fossils and cave artifacts found in the caves all over Europe and some in Asia suggest that there once lived a member of the cat family that was 25 percent bigger than the present breed of lions (Brakefield, 1993, p. 56). Primarily believed to be a kind of its own, the cave lions, scientifically known as Panthera leo spelaea, are considered as “subspecies of the modern lion” (Brakefield, 1993, p. 55). Its biology and evolutionary origins shall be discussed here.

The Discovery

The history of the Panthera leo spelaea can be traced back to the discovery of the organic remains of the creature in the caves around Europe and Asia, with greater prevalence in the first, specifically “from eastern Britain to Siberia” (Mitra, 2005, p. 42). The first sight made paleologists and historians believe that the remains were that of the tigers’ or jaguars’. assumptions which were later contradicted by results of DNA analysis (Hancock, 2009). According to these, the fossils were the remains of lions with existence which ended almost 13, 000 years ago.

Archeologists also found paintings and carved figurines that could manifest the roles of these animals in the daily living of the ancient humans. Hancock (2009) even further reported that in accordance with the images in these artifacts, these ancient humans “may even have been worshipped” these large animals.

The common name “cave lion,” on the other hand, does not bear any implication on caves being the habitat of these creatures. Instead, the name had been derived from where these creatures were discovered. hence, the name cave lions. Theories suggest that these bones were of those that attempted to make prey to the cave bears which failed, and died instead.

The Physical Characteristics

Belonging to the Felidae family of mammals, Panthera leo spelaea (P. l. spelaea) or the cave lions were larger than the modern lions for about 25 percent (Brakefield, 1993, p. 56). However, few sources say that this species was only about five to ten percent larger than the present-day African lions, the most frequently-occurring species of lions in the wild today (Patterson, 2004, p. 105. “Cave lion,” n.d.a).

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