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Since a young age, I wanted to be part of a police
department. It always sparked my attention especially watching shows like COPS
or CSI. No matter what the situation was the officer would eventually get to
the bottom of it. I know in life it’s not always a win but I know that at the
end of the day the bad is always found. Knowing that there is no time frame is
what gives me that excitement of readiness to get to the case. In High school I
took a college course class Criminal Justice receiving an A. This class was extremely
informative as well as eye opening to reality of life.  I realized that sometimes as a human I will
encounter situations that I wish I wasn’t part of but those experiences are what
makes you a better cop. For example, my instructor was a retired cop he told us
about a time he got his radio stolen from his car while in college. He himself experienced
something and now that it happened to others he knew how it felt which is what
made him a better cop.  Now that I’m in
college I kept these dreams in mind, I know that my main goal would be to reach
to the FBI Head Quarters but I wanted to start as a cadet and hoping to move
into the administration part of the SFPD in order to get closer to my main goal.
When I got accepted to San Francisco State I knew that I could join the SFPD
team, so first I got myself a job as a part-time teller at Wells Fargo were my
love for the community really sparked, I always loved helping elders knowing
there is many scams that are attempted towards them. I also started an internship
recently for the Hall of Justice where I’ll be working in the Homicide
department as well as the Financial department due to my experience at the
bank. One of the Lieutenants brought the Cadet opportunity to my attention
saying if this work is voluntary than why not start the career of your dreams early.
To be a Cadet I know it will give me great experience especially since I’m a
freshman in college. I can’t wait to train to be shown what it takes to be
cadet. When I work somewhere I loved to keep learning I don’t just like to come
to work and call it a day this is why I know this starting position will fulfill
the filling of already getting my feet into the work field I want. The times I have
been at the Hall of Justice I like the professionalism the Cadets portrayed as
well as how well they performed their security check. I talked to one of the Cadets
about the position and he told me that you learn a lot you experience different
things, when he told me that I got really excited because it always great when
you get to learn and know more in your field for this reason I hope that you
take my application into high consideration knowing that this is my dreams and
it could only be the start of it. 


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