Need help with my writing homework on Importance of Higher Education in Contemporary Society. Write a 1750 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Importance of Higher Education in Contemporary Society. Write a 1750 word paper answering; In essence, education is gained through learning. The process of learning involves activities in which human beings try to gain knowledge and grasp the unknown facets of the world in which they live in a bid to master and ultimately conquer them (Fourie. Oberholzer: 1992:55). By learning about new things and attaching meaning to them, higher education in this particular case allows students to create their own living space in which they come to self-actualization by conquering their own emotional insecurity and broadening their knowledge concerning social, cultural, political, economic, ethical and moral issues (Fourie 1992). Thus self-actualization implies the realization of one’s potential in respect of physical skills, mental capacities, and consciousness and this can be achieved through educative support where higher education is designed to equip the graduates with the skills of approaching different problems and solving them in the modern world.

Basically higher education focuses on specialized theoretical and practical training in one or more fields of study giving the learner a broad understanding of that particular field. Most people study one or two subjects within a particular area of interest like engineering or other courses such as journalism or medicine that lead to a specific type of job. Thus, there are many purposes of higher education with the main one being graduating students who will become productive citizens. It is widely believed that higher learning plays a very important role especially for the reasons of national economic performance as it will provide learners with valuable knowledge in different areas.

Higher education means a lot more than just getting a qualification. It exposes the learner to various facets of the contemporary world that include the socio-political and even economic landscapes of the modern world. Unlike at high school, being at university or college is a choice that gives you the freedom to study a subject related to the job you are really into. Higher education gives the students more control over their studies and is a bit challenging where one is expected to do far more work on his own. However, lectures and seminars will provide guidance but the need to widen knowledge through background reading is emphasized.

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