Need help with my writing homework on Standard American English and Lyrics of Songs. Write a 250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Standard American English and Lyrics of Songs. Write a 250 word paper answering; Standard American English Task Introduction Beyonce as an artist and African American use slang to communicate and entertain as an artist. The use of slang is something that has been there for generations and generations of African American. People can assume that the way black Americans communicate with each other is derived from their culture as a way of life. For example, the artist Beyonce’s use of words in the song irreplaceable can provide and give the listener who is not an American, native a difficult time in absorbing and understanding the words conspicuously. This topic is directly touching on the use of standard American English, what is lost and the exact change of meanings.

For an exceptional artist to use African American language, she must have obtained a tremendously prodigious number of fans who understand her language better. For instance, when she says “to the left” is African American idiom and according to Beyonce and the song, she meant that her lover should leave the house and go away to somewhere else. Therefore, the quote “to the left” according to the standard Britain English, it is incomplete or rather “to the left” can directly and literally mean go to the left. Therefore, as far as Britain English is concerned, the meaning in those lines is not absolute.

Another instance where the use of Standard English is losing the meaning is on the quote “matter fact”, here there in no preposition, but it is normal with standard American English but not standard Britain English. The meaning will always change when an artist uses standard English, for example, words like “cause” and ”bout” in the song, gives a different meaning hence changes the meaning. When using words like cause instead of because, and bout instead of about, that only gives a total difference and meaning.


Artists should reconsider the use of one language that can be understood easily with all people internationally. By this information, the song can reach the listener hence no problems to the recipients.


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