Need help with political science: Essay on Texas Executive Branch (3-5 pages)

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The governor of Texas is
considered relatively weak by national standards. Texas has a plural
, meaning voters elect a lot of the executive branch officials
(comptroller, agriculture commissioner, land commissioner, lieutenant governor,
attorney general, etc.) independently. The governor, therefore, has little
control over the executive branch of state government, since the guys who run
it mostly don’t report to him – they answer only to the voters.

One area where the
governor holds real power, though, is in the legislative process. The Texas
Constitution allows the governor to call the state legislature into special session
and gives him the sole power to set the session’s agenda. Bills on subjects not
included in the governor’s “call” cannot be considered. The
Constitution also allows the governor the power to veto bills passed by the legislature. While the
legislature technically has the power to override his veto with a 2/3 vote, he
generally vetoes bills after the legislature has adjourned – making the threat
of an override meaningless.

The Constitutional
for Governor Greg
Abbott to veto bills passed by the last regular session of the Texas
Legislature was Sunday, June 21, 2015. He vetoed a total of 42 bills.

Your assignment:

Take a look at the bills
vetoed by Governor Abbott this year:

Pick three and write a 3-5 pages essay explaining;

  • What each bill did

  • Why Governor Abbott vetoed

  • And whether or not you
    agree with the governor’s decision

Submit this assignment
in Microsoft Word. Cite your sources.

Additional Resources

Governor Abbott’s
official veto proclamations can be found on his website:

The Texas Tribune is always a good source of information:

Texas’ Legislative
Reference Library has a website that lets you look at governors’ vetoes all the
way back to 1846:

Governing Magazine also
has a good article on Governor Abbott’s vetoes:

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