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Although experimental methodology is the gold standard for establishing causal relationships between

variables, many studies cannot be ethically or logistically carried out in practice. In lieu of an

experimental option, many researchers implement survey methodology. For this assignment, I would like

you to design a survey to investigate a research question of your choosing. Some of the aspects of this

paper will be similar, if not identical, to the research questions assignment from earlier in the semester.

Therefore, you would be wise to read over any comments on your previous assignment and make

necessary adjustments where possible (e.g. if you misidentified your variables).

Your assignment must include the following:

1) An introductory paragraph identifying your research question, the independent and dependent

variables, and the unit of analysis.

2) A detailed description of the survey design you would implement. This part of the paper should

be 3-4 pages and should cover…

a. What is your research hypothesis? Provide a brief sentence or two about how you

formulated your research hypothesis. Remember – it MUST be based on theory and

research, not opinion or belief.

b. What kind of sampling strategy would you use? Be specific.

c. Would your survey be longitudinal or cross-sectional? Why?

d. How would you define and measure your independent and dependent variables?

i. Here, you must provide AT LEAST ONE survey item that would measure your

independent variable and AT LEAST ONE survey item that would measure your

dependent variable. These items must include question wording and answer


e. Are there any limitations or difficulties you anticipate with your design?

3) A concluding paragraph summarizing your research design.

4) If you cite any sources, a bibliography following APA guidelines.

*The assignment should be 3-4 pages using times new roman font, double spaced.

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