needs assessment 17

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The main idea behind this challenge is to encourage application of the concepts that you learned in this course to real life. Submit a “Case Study” of “Conducting a Needs Assessment” as you experienced it in an organization, your own work, or in an organization where you were the customer or client. The Case Study could focus on a needs assessment, climate survey, customized occupational profile, competency analysis, customer satisfaction survey, job aide development, training return on investment (ROI) analysis, etc.

All submissions will be posted on the Needs Assessment Challenge-Practical Application (Links to an external site.)Links to an external of the course blog where your classmates and future participants may view the submissions. As such, references to specific individuals and/or organizations should be eliminated and the work should be considered contributed work. Also, please note that once you submit, your information will be in the public domain and may be used in other works. Please make sure that you do not violate any copyright or proprietary data regulations.

As a guide, the Case Study should be approximately 10–15 pages in length, including any supplementary instruments or documents. It should include the following elements:

  1. Title
  2. Background or Overview
  3. Organizational/Industry Profile
  4. Performance Problems, Issues or Concerns
  5. Key Players or Decision Makers
  6. Target Population
  7. Learner Characteristics
  8. Intervention Description and Goals
  9. Needs Assessment Models, Techniques, or Process
  10. Data Collection Tools, Instruments and Analysis
  11. Key Findings/Results
  12. Costs and Benefits
  13. Conclusions and Recommendations
  14. Lessons Learned and Tips for Others
  15. References

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