Newspaper project 2018

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1) 10 printed articles related to your topic( LGBT RIGHT ) , all from 2018, and all from the required news sites on the assignment sheet.

2) Two paragraphs for EACH article. Some people attach a separate piece of paper after each article. One paragraph with the main point; one paragraph with your reaction/comment/connections. Think of this as the building blocks for your paper. You should have 20 paragraphs in total. These may be short.

3) One formal paper (see instructions for details) with a thesis about the topic you studied from the newspapers. Most of your support/evidence for this paper will come from the newspapers, but be sure to include some specific historical component/connection from readings assigned in the class or the American Yawp or a reliable outside source (e.g., sites ending in .edu).

Write, type, and submit a brief summary and reaction to each of your selected articles, and link them to the other ones you collected. The combined summary/reaction for each article should be at least two paragraphs. Your summary must include information on the author’s main points as well as evidence on how/she supports them. Your reaction should also include who wrote it (if it is provided), the date, and your assessment of how persuasive the article is and why and how it connects to your theme and other selected articles. Put your summary/reactions (along with the articles above) together in a packet for submission

Write and type an opinion piece of 500 to 600 words in which you express your viewpoint on the current issue and connect it to the history that is covered in this class (e.g., US history from 1860 to approximately 1980). Consider comparing/contrasting the present issue with what you know about similar issues in the past. Rely on the textbook and assigned readings first, but you may have to turn to other sources—see me for pre-approval of the sites you intend to use

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