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Prepare an individual research paper (7-10 pages) on a topic regarding any aspect of Organizational Leadership and/or Change Management that can benefit you professionally. This paper is expected to show academic scholarship, both in content and presentation. The paper should be formatted to APA (consider purchasing the APA manual and/or review APA style online at ), contain a reference list of at least five sources with in-text citations, and be free of plagiarism, grammar, and spelling errors. The paper should have an introductory section, a literature review of current journal articles or studies that have been accomplished in the same topic area, and a conclusion section. 

The paper should include a cover page that states the student’s name, course ID (MG5120), assignment name, date, and professor’s name. Include page numbers, headings, proper spacing, formatting (one inch margins and Times New Roman (or similar), 12 point font), and references. Upload your Research Paper in the Assignment Tab for grading purposes.

The research paper will be assessed according the rubric located after the course schedule in this syllabus.

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