Organizational Behavior

MAN6245 Organizational Behavior

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Personal Strengths Assessment and Career Planning


Individual Essay Paper Please create a brief three page double spaced paper describing some of your strengths, career and personal career related goals (three to five year plan). In your paper, please make sure that you cover

the following:

Your Name and Identification on Cover Page. On the cover page of your essay, include your name

and the type of work you do and geographical area in which you live. Statement: “Submitted in Partial

Fulfillment of MAN 6245”, Date (The cover page does not count as one of the three pages of the

report). A personal picture would also help.

Personal Principles and Values: It is said that personal principles may cause one pain, but if not

followed one’s sense of integrity may be eroded. What personal principles do you hold that you must

live by? Review key principles or values that are important to you and that drive you in life. “What

values do you want to demonstrate as you interact with others through your work and at home?” “To

what extent is there congruence in the work that you do and the principles you hold to be important?”

You need not answer each of these questions, but they may trigger a reflection on your core principles

and values and how they may guide you as you go forward in your career.

Social Background. Key facts about your early role models and socialization experiences, and social

status, and biases that have had a significant impact on what you have chosen to become. How might

these influences affect your career aspirations?

Strengths Assessment: Provide an overview of your personal strengths as revealed per information generated

by the Work Preference Indicator (taken during the Orientation to the CMBA program), and the Strengths

Finder, plus at least one other assessment tools identified in Weeks #1 and #2, such as the Big Five Assessment

and the MBTI you may have taken prior to this course or the like, as well as any others you view to be relevant.

Note: Your paper should include direct feedback from the Work Preference Indicator and the Strengths

Finder assessments plus at least one other assessment you choose to include. Should you wish to learn more

about yourself you are encouraged to go to the following URL (at no cost) to identify your RIASEC and MBTI


RIASEC: : MBTI: The Big Five:


For those who are project leaders, team leaders, supervisors or managers, you are also invited to take

the Leadership Effectiveness Assessment (LEA), a 360 0

assessment offered to those interested by the

professor, at no cost. Strengths Identified by the Assessments: “What common themes seem to be show up about you in

terms of your strengths that are identified in these assessments? Did you find any surprises or

unexpected results? Are there inconsistencies? Explain. Create a way to present the strengths these

assessments reveal about you, as well as any differences you might have found in the feedback they

have provided you (i.e., demonstrate critical thinking.) What is unique about you? When referring to

the Work Preference Indicator report, please go beyond the Grand Type description and include key



MAN6245 Organizational Behavior

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information about you per the 17 dimensions presented on the graph, page 2 of the report.


Capabilities and Deficiencies. What specific skills do you have that are clear assets to you in your

chosen profession? What specific skill areas, experience or lack of educational preparation do you

believe may limit you or may need improvement?

Career Vision. Describe the vision you have for your career or occupation. You might want to


What seem to be a good career fit in terms of your interests and personality?

Why you think this is a good career fit for you based on your interests, values, abilities.

If you are not certain about your career path, then state this.

What specific job would you really love doing!

What are some of the experiences you have had that have resulted in you wanting to enter your

present career? What experiences have you had that have led to you believe that you would be

good at this profession?

Finally, have you seen a person in a job that you would you really love to do? This is a

fundamental question to ask (and answer).

Self-Mentoring: If you were your own mentor, what would you suggest you do to further develop

yourself and move forward in your career?

Peer Review: Identify two team mates and ask them to review your presentation and critique it in terms

of its clarity, logical development, compliance with criteria set for the paper, and their

recommendations regarding the relative suitability between your personal strengths and the career

directions you have posed for yourself in this assignment. The team members are also asked to submit

alternative recommendations for you to consider in terms of your own career development path. They

will send their comments back to you for you to review. You do not have to implement their

recommendations if you think they are not appropriate—they are your consultants, not graders.

Submission: Please submit your paper and reflections based on your team members’ comments to the

professor no later than Sunday of Week 4. Please include the comments and names of the two

members of your team who reviewed your work prior to your completion of this project. Include your

own personal assessment of the merit of their suggestions and the value their comments were to you as

they relate to you and this assignment. Be sure to document references or other source material that

you have used to prepare your paper. Submit your paper to the Assignment Dropbox. Thank you.

Grading: The professor will read each paper. Metrics used to grade your paper are:

Organization, grammar, APA Style and reference documentation, and clarity of writing: 4 points

Compliance with strengths and career related information requested (Including use of

at least three assessment tools and information gained, integration, evidence of critical thinking; use of peer feedback, self-mentoring. 13 points

17 total



MAN6245 Organizational Behavior

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Tips for Reviewers: Please review your colleague’s paper per the metrics above to be used by the

professor to grade the paper.

If a paper is submitted that is poorly written, it will also reflect on the reviewers’ contributions

as part of the reviewer’s participation grade. Tip to each reviewer: Be a great coach!

Grammar and Organization Guide:

Use APA style

Data are, not data is. (The word data is plural, datum is singular)

“She is the one that ran fast” is incorrect. “She is the one who ran fast” (correct). She is not a “that.”

Sentences should be simple as opposed to complex and extensive. Complex wording is hard to follow,

understand, and read.

Include a title page with title, student’s name, ”Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of MAN 6245, date.

An appendix may be added to include graphs, reviewer comments, references, and the like.

Body of paper should not exceed three pages. An appendix is acceptable, and in it may include

references, team reviewer submissions, and other supportive information.

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