outline and research paper 1

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Write a research paper of 6-7 pages on a topic not covered in this course. In other words, avoid the representation of race, class, and sexuality, but focus on other topics related to media representations.

  • Identify other topics of media representation (ex: representation of elderly, musician, artist, teachers, young people, business people, rich people, etc.)
  • Explain how a specific representation is reflected in the media (give us an example, it can be from one film or multiple examples from T.V., commercials, movies, etc.)
  • Apply theoretical concepts and theories to critically analyze image, language and narrative of the media clip.
  • Conduct an original research by interpreting the implication of a select media representation
  • Cite and integrate other research journal articles and books related to student’s topic to enrich and support the argument. (min. 5 references)
  • If your paper comes from other classes or does not relate to this course, you will automatically receive F.
  • No plagiarizing including your own paper.
  • If you change the font or tweak spacing, etc. you will get 2 pts. deductions.

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