Paper Assignment

Paper Assignment

Many of the principles and theories we will review during the semester are applied to improve academic performance. You are required to complete a 3 – 4 page paper that examines how attention influences the learning process, the benefits of mnemonics in learning information, or methods used to improve memory for course materials. You will read two articles from the journal of Teaching Psychology. You must summarize these two articles and link the ideas discussed in the articles to the material we will cover during the semester. In addition, you will describe a future research study that could be designed based on the articles you summarized.


You should NOT turn in work that contains direct quotes. I cannot assess your understanding of the material if you use direct quotes. You should put this information in your own words. If you use direct quotes in your paper assignment, your grade will be reduced by 20%.


Read and summarize two articles focusing on attention in the classroom, the use of mnemonics, OR improving memory for lecture materials. All of these articles were selected in the journal Teaching of Psychology. The goal of Teaching of Psychology is to provide instructors with resources to enhance student learning. The articles often focus on teaching and learning in the classroom, critical thinking exercises, curriculum design, and technology in the classroom.

Your task is to select one of the topics below, and then read and summarize two articles related to that topic. In addition to summarizing the articles, you must link the material discussed to the cognitive principles reviewed in the course. For example, if you select the topic of attention, you must discuss how the articles demonstrate principles we learned in the course, such as divided attention. Finally, you should describe a future research study that could be designed based on the material in the articles you summarized.


· For this paper I chose the first topic with is: Attention

· I uploaded the 4 articles about “attention” + all the chapters we have covered so far + the rubric for this paper

· Please make sure you follow the rubric

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