paper on bourdieu and foucault

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In our class sessions on Bourdieu and Foucault, we discussed the ways in which their ideas matter for understanding everyday life.We

specifically discussed their ideas in relation to social media and/or technology. For this paper, think of the social phenomenon that is the

ubiquity of social media and smartphones and reflect on the social aspects—especially the social consequences—of these technologies using

theoretical concepts from Bourdieu and Foucault. In shaping your paper, you should address the following questions:When it comes to

analyzing the social dimensions/consequences of social media/smartphones, what do you think Bourdieu would emphasize? What would

Foucault emphasize?What is the role of structure, agency, and power?Considering these two theorists’ ideas,craft an argument about the extent to

which you find the lenses provided by these theorists useful in understanding this major component of contemporary social life.

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