Paper on Native American Organization or Interest Group

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You will be required to evaluate the work undertaken
by a national Native American, interest group,
organization or coalition in their quest for political, economic and social equality. .

Your 5-6 page single spaced write-up must address the following points – please number your

(1.) 5 Points: In a single sentence, identify a national Native American interest group, organization or coalition that is currently
working to make a positive difference in the lives of Native Americans.

(2.) 15 Points: Discuss the events and actors that fueled the creation of the organization and use
outside research to describe the situation facing the group profiled at the time the
organization was created. Remember, organizations do not just pop up without cause.
(This section should encompass two small paragraphs; one on the history of the
organization’s and one on the status of the particular group at the time of the organization’s

(3.) 5 Points: In a small paragraph, describe the mission, goals, and/or objectives of the

(4.) 5 Points: In a small sentence, outline the policy area(s) or major issue(s) that the
organization is focused on addressing.

(5.) 45 Points: Describe and provide clear illustrations of the work undertaken by the
organization in an attempt to bring attention to the issue profiled and evaluate the
effectiveness of each of these efforts in fostering change. (This is the heart of the
assignment and should encompass 3 full pages of text.)

(6.) 10 Points: In a small paragraph, provide a personal evaluation of the OVERALL impact
of this organization on the community being represented. How effective has the
organization been in its role as an agent of change?

(7.) 15 Points: If you could provide the organization with 4 well-thought-out recommendations
to strengthen their work, what would they be?

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