Parker Family Episode 4 Program Transcript

Parker Family Episode 4

Parker Family Episode 4 Program Transcript

FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, I think we should wrap things up. Does this same time work for you next week?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes, it’s fine.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Let me give you an appointment card. By the way, something occurred to me that might interest you. I have a colleague that’s doing a study on the impact of hoarding on family members. She wants to identify potential interventions. I think she’d love to talk to you and Stephanie.


FEMALE SPEAKER: She’s paying participants in her study. I don’t know how much.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Do I have to do it? I– I just don’t like people knowing my business.

FEMALE SPEAKER: It’s totally confidential and anonymous.

FEMALE SPEAKER: I don’t know.

FEMALE SPEAKER: I think it’d be a great opportunity for you.

FEMALE SPEAKER: I don’t know. Would she have to come see my home? I mean, I don’t like people seeing how I live.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Don’t worry about that. You should at least talk to her. Like I said, there’s some money in it for you. Can I give her your number?

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