participation in the Module LAB session

SES 465 – LAB #1A

Name: ________________________ Date: __________

Complete the following Skill-Builder Exercises during the LAB session. Then submit the completed work by either taking a picture or scanning the pages. Make sure to post the document on Canvas to receive points for attendance and participation in the Module LAB session.

*Note points will be deducted if the assignment is not submitted before it is due.

(located on page 24-25 in your textbook)

Jobs after college? What are your roles in school? What degrees?

Not being confident to speak out

How to be an effective leader, problem solving, and apply what I learn into the real world


What I learned from this exercise is that people have different ways of learning names. I also realized that in a group there are two leaders that were the ones making the conversations and trying to get the assignment done, while the rest were followers that still collaborated.


Information gathered from the Textbook Applied Sport Management Skills 2 | Page

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