Define and explain, using at least five sentences or 5 on-task bullet notes for each. Each answer earns up to five points. For each answer, please make five different substantive points, earning one point each. NO PLAGIARSIM!

  • Perceptual of vernacular regions
  • Map projections
  • Age sex pyramid
  • Continental drift
  • Tsunami
  • The Coriolis Effect
  • Air masses
  • The greenhouse effect
  • Dryland Climates
  • Demographic Transition
  • Five shapes of states – prorupt, elongated, compact, fragmented, perforated
  • Birth rates
  • Acculturation
  • Boundaries as sources of conflict
  • Devolution
  • European Union
  • Centripetal forces in state cohesion
  • Ethnicity and ethnic diversity
  • Koppen climate classification
  • Remote sensing

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