Personality type ( MBTI ) 450-500 words essay

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Having completed your Meyers-Briggs Type Index (MBTI) exercise earlier in this course. Please attach a Word document (.doc or .docx) that meets the following requirements:

Your write a short essay with a length between 450-500 words reflecting on how your knowledge of your particular MBTI type and corresponding learning style might:

1) impact the ways you approach learning the content for this course,

2) impact the ways you can succeed in mastering the content of your degree program, and

3) impact your life outside of the academic setting . Each essay should include critical thinking and evidence quality writing techniques. You may write this essay in first person.

My MBTI type is ENTJ, which stands for extraversion, intuition, thinking, judgement.

Note: I am pursuing my degree in Agile project management and this is Theory and Application of Research method class.

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