Philosophy/Theology essay

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Try to interpret the meaning of this very ancient composition in a religious context. Definitely write about how it seems to show the importance of women and introducing a famine figure in the Holy Trinity. (God as mother??) Ensure to write a coherent composition, and refrain if possible from merely summarizing the text.

“A cup of milk was offered to me,

and I drank it in the sweetness of the Lord’s kindness.

The Son is the cup, and the Father is He who was milked;

and the Holy Spirit is She who milked Him;

Because His breasts were full, and it was undesirable

that His milk should be ineffectually released.

The Holy Spirit opened Her bosom,

and mixed the milk of the two breasts of the Father.

Then She gave the mixture to the generation without their knowing,

and those who have received it are in the perfection of the right hand.

The womb of the Virgin took it, and she received conception and gave birth.

So the Virgin became a mother with great mercies.

And she labored and bore the Son but without pain,

because it did not occur without purpose.

And she did not require a midwife, because He caused her to give life.

She brought forth like a strong man with desire,

and she bore according to the manifestation,

and she acquired according to the Great Power.

And she loved with redemption,

and guarded with kindness, and declared with grandeur.


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