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Word Count: 350

On pages 7 and 8, Beauvoir introduces the separation between men and women as “the two opposing groups concerned were once independent of each other; either they were not aware of each other in the past, or they accepted each other’s autonomy; and some historical event subordinated the weaker to the stronger..” (pg 7-8)

First, I think it is interesting how Beauvoir addresses men and women as “opposing groups” this signifies a big separation between the sexes even though we have been exploring how to show that men and women are on an equal basis. Beauvoir creates a picture as if men and women were two different kingdom armies that knew each other existed but do not make contact because they see it as unnecessary because they know where they stand. In certain environments like the workplace or any other professional environment, are men still viewing women as the “other” and possibly ignoring their important validation? Are men threatened by the power that women have been able to gain as society changed?

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