Physical Activity and Dietary Consumption Tracking

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For this assignment, you need to give yourself sufficient time to track your PA for one week and your dietary consumption for 3 days before you will be able to complete the written responses for the assignment. (since there isn’t that much time you can come up with any reasonable numbers on your own). Please do each attached assignment and send each seperately.

You should download the PA log found here, track your PA for 7 days, and upload your completed log to Canvas: KINE 1300_PA Log

To make it easier for you to track your PA, you can write it numbers for the activities you did – here is a key of numbers and their corresponding activities: KINE 1300_Physical Activity Recall Key

You should download the Dietary Consumption log found here, track your food consumption for 3 days, and upload your completed log to Canvas: KINE 1300_Dietary Log

After completing the PA 7-day log and the Dietary 3-Day Log, you should download the following document, complete the questions, and upload it to Canvas: KINE1300_PA and Diet Tracking Assignment

*Note, you will be uploading 3 documents: Your completed PA Log, your completed Dietary Log, and your Written Responses to the assignment all in Microsoft Word.

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