PLEASE ANSWER all 4 questions in 2 to 3 paragraphs with citation USE THIS BOOK : Read: Pragmatic Strategy: Str

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  • PLEASE ANSWER all 4 questions in 2 to 3 paragraphs with citation


  • Read: Pragmatic Strategy: Strategy as Purposeful Emergence, pp. 127-230.

    Dealing with the triple bottom line of material/technical resources, intelligence and cognition, and relationships among people and living systems of the earth (wuli, shili and renli).

QUESTION 1: Please choose and describe one of the reasons that systems surprise us. Meadow devotes a short section of chapter 4 to each of these. Please describe carefully the nature of surprise and give at least one example.

  • Read: The Big Pivot, pp. 147-176.

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Questions on Return on Investment (from the reading in The Big Pivot)

QUESTION 2: What is wrong with using hurdle rates (for return on investment (ROI) and internal rate of return (IRR) for assessing corporate investments”? Is this practice widespread”? If these must be used, how can they be modified to best address intangible issues, such as early investments in sustainability strategies?

Changing Incentives (based on the big pivot)

Changing the incentives in organizations to favor long-term sustainability efforts seems to require new ways of thinking. There are many forms that “incentives” could take.

QUESTION 3: Can you think of at least  one (outlined in the book or your own thought) that might be implemented in the place you work or have worked or a hypothetical organization? In your response, note the kinds of resistance4 that might arise to such a change? How can such resistance be dealt with?


The Seventh Generation Case

Seventh Generation Case: After watching the case videos and reading chapter 5 in Pragmatic strategy

QUESTION 4: please answer: Did the Seventh Generation Company adhere to the principle of Li, and manage the principles of wuli, shili, and renli? Please take a position and support it!!

Prinicple of Li: to engage, cope, to serve, to organize, order, manage. As a noun, “the pattern in jade” methods of inquiry, the natural order of things.

Managing material/technical conditions(wuli)

Managing its paradigms, its ways of making sense of things, its framing of problems (shili)

Managing its relationships, sense of trust and care with customers and among employees etc (renli)

You can be creative here and there are most likely many ways to apply the above delineation. The main point is to see whether they did a good job of managing of making things better, etc (ie.., of Li

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