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5-1: 1.  Call
centers typically have high turnover. The director of human resources
for a large bank has compiled data on about 70 former employees at one
of the bank’s call centers in the Excel file  Call Center Data . In
writing an article about call center working conditions, a reporter has
claimed that the average tenure is no more than two years. Formulate and
test a hypothesis using these data to determine if this claim can be
disputed. Solution Tip: You need to write mathematical test of hypothesis statements and apply the test of hypothesis steps.

6-12: 2.  Using the data in the Excel file  Home Market Value,develop a multiple linear regression model for estimating the market value as a function of both the age and size of the house.
Find a 95% confidence interval for the mean market value for houses
that are 30 years old and have 1,800 square feet and a 95% prediction
interval for a house that is 30 years old with 1,800 square feet. ( pg 173 chapter 6for excel file )

Please be
sure your work is organized, legible, and your responses are
substantive. You need to submit all details of your work including excel
sheets used to arrive to the solution. It is not enough to attach your
excel sheet. You MUST provide interpretation of results and describe

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